RB Fibres complies with ISO 9001:2015, the International Organization for Standardization. A Quality System based on International Standars focus in all quality Management elements that a company must implement to achieve an efective control system and the improvement in their products and requirement services.

Quality management System QMS

Customers feel reliable with suppliers who achieve ISO to ensure an effective QMS. These requirements point out the difference to keep up in market this supplier.

Requirements met by RB Fibres

The requirements met by our company include management responsabilities, resource management, product service realization (from customers satisfaction to output) measurement, analysis and improvement.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 The international Organization for Standardization applied into all Quality Management Systems and focus in all management elements a company must implement to achieve an efective control system and the enhancement of their products.


In 1983 Rafael Barceló Sanjuán, a textile, plastic businessman of the 50s, led his son, Rafael Barceló Beneyto, the owner and general manager nowadays, to the recycling and pulling of textile fibres.

The company has become into a reference for several industrial markets all over the world, lasting the productive cooperation forever.

RB Fibres buys materials and processes them back into raw material which is recycled again into the industrial procedure. Recycling means reducing pollution levels as well as energy savings, using less fossil fuels in the procedure, reducing solid waste volumen and saving raw material.

Cotton + synthetic cotton


Acoustics, polyesters, polyamides and jutes


Technical fibres (aramides, panox, glass, etc.)



RB Fibres has got first class processing facilities covering all the product process, from the reception of the material till the final delivery to the client.


The textile materials
are classified and pulled


The obtained materials are
transfered to the mixing rooms


The mixing is processed and
transformed into pulled material


The rotating machine gets free fibres
ready for packaging


The pulled fibres are pressed,
packed and stocked


The product is distributed and classified at
the warehouse ready for the orders to be delivered


The product is transported and
delivered to the customers


RB Fibers staff cheks the whole
process under ISO9001:2015

Issuance systems

RB Fibres uses the most effective issuance systems.


Our wide range of products, from vegetable, synthetic,
mineral and technic pulled fibres to staple ones.

Pulled fibres for open-end spinning manufactures

100% Cotton and cotton / synthetic , both, bleached, crude and coloured.

Pulled fibres for geotextile manufacturings, needle punching for insulation and mattress

High tenacity polyester, textured polyester, polyamide, acrylic and jute.

Pulled fibres for automotive market

Cotton, synthetic cotton, acrylic, polyester in light multicoloured.


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